The Mat Doctor


Coming Soon….how you can transform your health with just an exercise mat and guidance from Dr. Matt Taylor, PT, PhD!



  • Rest & Digest (GIRD, IBS, Constipation)
  • Simply I + rest + able (Sleep series)
  • Range of E-motions (depression/anxiety series)
  • Gentle Touch (Fibro/Chronic Fatigue)
  • Pelvic Power (series for ED/fertility/post prostate issues)
  • Diabetes Deputy
  • Joint Lube (arthritis series)
  • Posture Protector (osteoporosis series)
  • Immune Warrior (optimize immune function: colds/flu/ auto immune issues : cancer, AIDS, inflammatory diseases)
  • Balance Builder (fall prevention/gait stabilizer)
  • Rewire (supports neuro issues : MS, Parkinson’s, neuropathy)
  • Mindful Munching (for awareness around food consumption)
  • Pressure Release Valve (hypertension management)
  • Happy Heart (cardiovascular challenges)
  • Happy Head & Hands (for carpal tunnel, computer body, neck strain/headaches)

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