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MindBody Physical Therapy: The Future

Friday, June 11th, 2010



I had the chance to visit with Jeff Worrell of a month ago. The interview ended up running into a Part II as we had so much to discuss about how the future of physical therapy and rehabilitation in general needs to catch up with the science of movement.

Jeff did his homework ahead of time and was very professional in guiding the conversation. Part I is linked here and runs 13 min. He has the option for you to download the MP3 file for later listening as well. Part II is linked here and offers an exciting vision to the emerging possibilities for rehab professionals.

How do you use emerging science in your practice?

What do you see as the future of rehabilitation?

Do you use any mindbody techniques that are waiting for evidence "justification"?


If you have ideas you would like to share, contact Wendy at Jeff's office to have them consider interviewing you. Email:

Entrepreneurship and Change

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Had the pleasure of spending the evening with these 3 colleagues exchanging ideas about where change comes from, how to promote change and what are the barriers. Lots of good ideas and I'll be blogging more after we each do our presentations tomorrow. 

My sense is I'll come at it a little differently but I want to hear their presentation first….stay tuned!


How To Build Your Business by Getting Your Employees to Think More Like an Entrepreneur

Jennifer Wilson PT, MBA
Principal, the Leadership Institute, Initiatives Consulting

Jamey T. Schrier PT, OCS, DPT
President, Schrier Physical Therapy

Janet Bezner PT, PhD
Deputy Executive Director, American Physical Therapy Association

Session Description:
As an entrepreneur, you recognize the value of and need for innovation in your practice – it's gotten you where you are. How do you foster innovation in your practice to both enhance your practice and foster succession planning? Some of the skills you'll learn in this session include: creating a culture of innovation, recognizing and building support for potential blind spots, creating other entrepreneurs in your practice and determining the best way to implement new ideas. This session will benefit you by providing new information/tips on how to progress your practice. Participants will be invited to contribute to interactive discussions through the session.
Learner Objectives:
1. Evaluate the key aspects needed to create a culture of innovation. 
2. Review key characteristics of entrepreneurship.
3. Recognize blind spots limiting the entrepreneurial capacity of your practice.
4. Develop a plan to build innovative support systems.
5. Develop an approach to creating other entrepreneurs in your practice.
6. Determine the best way to implement new ideas.
Administrator Council Luncheon: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Speaker”Creating a Vibrant, Sustainable Business Model Through Change

Matthew Taylor PT, PhD
Dynamic Systems Rehabiltation
Session Description:
This session will present the science of change technology and organizational learning as applied to a private practice physical therapy organization. Practical examples will be provided of creating positive feedback systems to fuel growth and ingenuity for more traditional practices, niche practices and those looking to diversify. The focus will move between issues as they apply to individual staff and the larger group as a whole, to include its role in the community. Evidence for practices used to address change will be presented. Examples from Fortune 50 (fifty) companies will be cited as well as case reports from small private practices. The session will conclude with how to establish ongoing practices of inquiry both personally and as an organization.