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Taking Yoga to the Last Breath

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

It is now in print and available here .

Abstract reads as so:


This article describes how Yoga therapeutics can provide preparation and support for end of life geriatric rehabilitation. As an integral practice Yoga therapeutics provides the geriatric rehabilitation professional with practical tools and rationale as either sole providers or as members of an interdisciplinary team. Context is provided for how Yoga addresses dying and death with techniques that employ skills within the traditional providers╩╝ scope of practice. Yoga therapeutics offers both self-care for the provider as well as the extensive list of techniques to share with patients. Following proper training and personal practice, the provision of Yoga therapeutics has the potential to facilitate a “good death” and minimize suffering in end of life geriatric rehabilitation.


Looking forward to see this article in print later this month. Final proof is done and now ready for the "birth" of the idea that traditional rehabiliation, to include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathologists should add yoga therapy to their available modalities in supporting geriatric clients. 













Do you use yoga in supporting people in the end of life?


If so, how?


Do you need resources to support those in end of life or grief?

Jennifer has developed very powerful resources for just that, and to encourage healthy conversations about death and dying at


Spread the word…we're all headed for savasana…it's the only pose we get to keep!