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Taking Yoga to the Last Breath

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

It is now in print and available here .

Abstract reads as so:


This article describes how Yoga therapeutics can provide preparation and support for end of life geriatric rehabilitation. As an integral practice Yoga therapeutics provides the geriatric rehabilitation professional with practical tools and rationale as either sole providers or as members of an interdisciplinary team. Context is provided for how Yoga addresses dying and death with techniques that employ skills within the traditional providers╩╝ scope of practice. Yoga therapeutics offers both self-care for the provider as well as the extensive list of techniques to share with patients. Following proper training and personal practice, the provision of Yoga therapeutics has the potential to facilitate a “good death” and minimize suffering in end of life geriatric rehabilitation.


Looking forward to see this article in print later this month. Final proof is done and now ready for the "birth" of the idea that traditional rehabiliation, to include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathologists should add yoga therapy to their available modalities in supporting geriatric clients. 













Do you use yoga in supporting people in the end of life?


If so, how?


Do you need resources to support those in end of life or grief?

Jennifer has developed very powerful resources for just that, and to encourage healthy conversations about death and dying at


Spread the word…we're all headed for savasana…it's the only pose we get to keep!

Restore Pelvic Power with Yoga Therapy

Saturday, March 12th, 2011


This article is from my series on Yoga therapeutics for a local monthly paper, AZ Health & Wellness






Here is the link to this article, "Restore Pelvic Power with Yoga Therapy?".



As a member of the International Pelvic Pain Society and a clinician that supports men and women with challenges in this region, I hope this article broadens the lens of focus to include the many other factors that influence disorders and how Yoga therapy can restore "order" to the disorder! 

What is your experience as either a provider or patient with Yoga therapy?


Please spread the word!

Yoga Therapy In Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

As past president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists I have dedicated many years of effort to bring their mission to fruition.

It has been a long, slow process as we've worked together to fulfill that mission of:

"Our mission is to establish Yoga as a recognized and respected therapy."


It is with a great deal of satisfaction and pride that I'm happy to announce that mission has come one step closer to reality with the publication of the 6th Edition of Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity from Elsevier in February of 2011, considered to be the "Bible" of rehabilitation principles by conventional medicine.








Chapter 121 is titled as:








The handheld video graphic indicates that in addition to the 13 page chapter there is available online video clips of the referenced asanas, mudras and meditations.

This shot summarizes the chapter to describe how the work is far more than "Asana for Hands":









And here is a clip of the section on manual therapy:












The 2-volume set is a 1900 page reference set that sells for $299 and will be a fixture in clinics and graduate programs for years to come.

To purchase the textbook visit here


To cite:  

Taylor MJ, Galantino ML, Walkowich H,  "The Use of Yoga Therapy in Hand and Upper Quarter Rehabilitation." In Skirven, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 6th Ed. Philadelphia: Elsevier, 1548-1562, 2011.


Please pass on this information to those that share the mission!