What is Yoga Therapy?

I will be writing a series on Yoga therapeutics for a local monthly paper, AZ Health & Wellness

Here is the link to the first article, "What is Yoga Therapy?".



Having been on the committee at www.iayt.org that drafted the first operational definition for the assoication, I can now appreciate the time and care we took to formalize a rich and meaningful definition. The craft involved in taking such a deep practice such as Yoga therapy and bringing it down to a operational definition was hard work. By no means exclusive or exhaustive, I'd love to hear your response or questions to this article written 4 years later after we first published an answer to "What is Yoga Therapy?".

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One Response to “What is Yoga Therapy?”

  1. J. Brown says:

    I greatly appreciate the way you are distinguishing a therapeutic orientation in yoga practice from the conventional athletic styles that have become popular and that you are making it clear that Yoga Therapy is for everyone, not just people with acute or chronic conditions. I recently came across an article you wrote for the IJYT about prescriptive and process based practice. This seems to me particularly pertinent given the debate that is going on at the IAYT about standards. Your insights have been most helpful. Deep thanks.

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